Inside the compound

  1. Know the nature; feel the nature (complimentary)

    Enjoy the guided tour along ‘paye chola poth’ to visit the entire firm – see the trees, know their names, touch and feel them. Enjoy visiting how seasonal fruits, vegetables and pulses are grown with organic manure only.

  2. Catch the fish, eat fresh (two hour fishing is complimentary with a 2N/3D package – only the fishes, if caught, will be charged).
  3. Spend time with the cows, ducks, hens, rabbits or just lying on hammocks beneath the clear blue sky (except during monsoon).
  4. Enjoy watching sunset/full moon from the ‘Machaan’
  5. Ride the boat (Rs. 100/- for 3 persons per 30 minutes)

 **15 minutes complimentary ride per room for 2N/3D package**

  1. Enjoy recreational shooting with air gun (for children under parental supervision only) on additional charge.
  2. Enjoy the Baul song/Santali dance in the evening (can be arranged on prior request – Rs. 1200/-/1600/-.)
  3. Campfire (available during November – February on prior request – Rs. 500/- per hour (additional charge for snacks) .
  4. Experience Charuibhati – open air picnic (during November – February on prior request – Rs. 1000/- for arrangement of wood, utensils, one helper (additional charge for cooking, ingredients, extra helper) up to 6 guests.
  5. Kenakata – buy farm-fresh vegetables, gobindobhog rice, cow-ghee, seeding tree etc.

*** Open Air Barbecue (Rs/- 200 per room – additional charge for fish/meat, ingredients etc.) ***

Outside the compound:

  1. Visit nearby tourist attractions like Phullora temple, Hansulibank, Tarashankar Bandopadhyay’s house & museum (by Toto – Rs. 500/- for 4 hours; by maruti van – Rs. 1000/- for 3 hours)
  2. Visit ruins of Neelkuthi beside bank of Mayurakshi (by Toto – Rs. 800/- for 4 hours; by maruti van – Rs. 1200/- for 3 hours)
  3. Visit Nanoor – by toto Rs. 700/- for 3 hours
  4. Enjoy the journey to Mundomalinitola by bullock-cart along village road – Rs. 300/- per 4 guests
  5. A day long ‘Santiniketan-Sonajhurir Haat-Kankalitola tour’ may be arranged on prior request.
  6. Visit the nearby tribal village and enjoy snacks (may be arranged on prior request).